Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, June 7, 2019  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world

Dear VLE,

Deactivation done for the following:

1. Non transacting VLEs

2. Bank Account Name and CSC ID name being different

3. More than one CSC ID having same account

Facility to make correction for blocked CSC IDs is being launched this week, VLEs can correct details and the ID will be activated thereafter.


CSC centers are now equipped with facilities where a person can go and get information related to court services even in the remotest of the areas in the country.

This initiative is a new step and will make it much easier for people in the remote and rural areas to get access to court services without having to struggle the usual hassle at the court for minute details and services.

We are pleased to inform that Mobile Repair Kit and LED Repair Kit are available now at Digital Seva portal. VLEs can deliver the service of Mobile and LED Repairing in their Gram Panchayat.
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  1. Dear sir
    Hum supervisor ka exam. Pass kiya hoo kya hum Aadhar ka kam kar sakta hoo mere pass certificate bhi hi. Csc id ke liye Three bar updated kar Care se bat karane ke bad bhi kuchh Day ke bad reject kar deta hi. Care wale se bhi update karane ke bad bhi reject kuchh day ke bad kar deta hi. Iska solutions hi

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